Interview with Katie Mayo

Hello everyone,
Here’s our last interview for 2015:-)

Katie was one of my first students when I moved to Toronto. She’s young and talented, passionate about painting and photography. She shares with us why she likes  her art classes with Art Doncheva Studio.

Discover Katie’s art on Instagram :

A few words about my art: I would consider myself to have a certain style of painting. I mainly  specialize in landscape paintings and I enjoy painting abstracts paintings as well. I also like trying new things in paintings and trying new things, like trying new mediums and different styles.

Why I like spending time in the studio: I really enjoy Art Doncheva Studio, I think it is the perfect size studio to work in. The class sizes are small, so there is more room to yourself, and if you’re having difficulty, then the teacher can come and help you. The studio also shares the room with a few other people, which are also very nice.

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