Our interview for the month of February:-)

Please meet Danielle Holte, she was my first student in Toronto:-).

Danielle Holte

Danielle Holte

Who are you and what do you do?

Having completed her studies at l’ecole des Beaux-Art of Montreal, “Art & Interior Design”, Danielle Holte lived in Montreal, Vancouver & Toronto. Founder of ART+DESIGN, her design experience, love of art, guided her in many realizations of projects in interior design & painting and children pastiches.
Danielle Holte, Interior Designer/Artist/Children’s art.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/DANHOArtDesign

Why Art? Why did you wish to paint/draw in the first place?

I have always loved any type of art, specially drawings and painting.
As long as I remember I would take a floor plan from builder’s houses and reorganize the space, moving walls and choosing colors and furnitures
I had a friend and her mom had a room fill with décor magazines, I would spend hours looking at the pictures and knowing art and design would me my work in the future.
I was very insecure with my painting style, still is!!!!! But getting better. I made a decision that I needed more courses and improve the knowledge of my art, so 8 years ago I did classes and took holidays to improve my painting.

How long have you been painting/drawing?

As long as I remember I have done drawings, collage. My family and work took a lot of my time, let say I have been able to paint more in the last 8 years.

What inspires you?

Still magazines from all over the world inspire me , I can not travel as much as I would like , pictures from books, magazines about photography, artists, design in general I can spend hours at the library and book store

Who is your favorite artist? What type of art do you prefer?

Matisse, Picasso,Thompson, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Marc Seguin etc…
I look at everything first, and I seem to prefer a more modern style of expression, mixed media gives me a great sense of freedom

What’s the best thing about spending time in the studio?

When I am in the studio I focus on my work, my surrounding allows me to search inside me the inspiration I need to achieve my work, and having Milena is a thru gift , she is able to guide me very easily and teach me different ways to get what I want

What do you like the most about the art classes with Art Doncheva Studio?

It is a great space, lots of light but most of all it is Milena’s experience, knowledge and dedication that I appreciate the most

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