Happy New Year:-)!!!

Happy New Year,dear friends:-)!
Lets start 2015 in color with an interview with the talented Emily Deegan!

Who are you and what do you do?

Emily Deegan, I am a nurse at Toronto General Hospital

Why Art? Why did you wish to paint/draw in the first place?

I have always been an art supporter. I was exposed to painting in my youth as both my Grandmas were painters and grew up drawing and painting very casually.

How long have you been painting/drawing?

Throughout my life I have been drawing very casually. I got more into painting for fun as a way to relax during my undergrad in 2008.

What inspires you?

Seeing other work, especially the work of the other students in the studio (great pieces guys!).

Who is your favorite artist? What type of art do you prefer?

I need more exposure to the art world, I do not know many modern artists. I enjoy modern art but am much more familiar with the classic painters. I love the attitude and boldness of Frieda. I love the use of colours and brush work of Van Gogh. I will never forget the first time I saw The Impressionist works, that really got me considering painting in a more meaningful way. I never loose interest in Group of Seven paintings and frequently view them with ever growing respect.

What’s the best thing about spending time in the studio?

I find the studio has a great atmosphere about it, it is relaxed and nonjudgmental. This attitude makes it easy to be yourself and tune in to your creativity. Next to sleeping in my bed, it is my favourite place to be right now.

What do you like the most about the art classes with Art Doncheva Studio?

I really appreciate how flexible Milena is. She respects your interests and goals instead of forcing you to do specific structured exercises. She will challenge you and encourage you to stretch your limits, (with the convincing help of cookies and coffee ;)), to increase your capabilities. Mostly I like how these classes motivate me to keep painting and drawing.

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