Interview with Hanieh Mousavi

Hello Art Lovers,
I would like to share with you how great and talented the people coming to my studio are. I’ve decided to take interviews with some of my students and present them on our website.Every few weeks you’ll meet one of my great students. I hope it will be an inspiration for everyone who would like to try ART as a hobby:-)
First to come is the interview with Hanieh Mousavi. Enjoy:-)

interview Hanieh

interview Hanieh

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Hanieh and I am currently B.comm-accounting and finance student.

Why Art? Why did you wish to paint/draw in the first place?
When I first started I was looking for a hobby and I decided to give painting a try with zero knowledge about art. I found myself very interested in painting and drawing, therefor I decided to continue. Now, I have a beautiful collection of my own art work that I am very proud of, and like Picasso says “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”.

How long have you been painting/drawing?
I started painting two years ago at art Doncheva studio with Milena and that was my first time holding a brush.

What inspires you?
Nature, my surroundings and everyday life, sometimes other artists work of art are list of things inspire me to paint.

Who is your favorite artist? What type of art do you prefer?
I, like many other people appreciate and enjoy Vincent Van Gogh paintings. And just like many other artist I have been inspired by his work. His choice of colour and brush strokes is my favourites in his paintings. I also enjoy street art and two of my favourites artists are Etam Cru and Mehdi Ghadyanloo

What’s the best thing about spending time in the studio?
It’s a very friendly and welcoming environment. I always look forward to my weekly classes at the studio. As soon as I walk in to the studio I feel happy and stress free.

What do you like the most about the art classes with Art Doncheva Studio?
Milena is an amazing teacher and she makes classes fun with her positive attitude. She is very encouraging and helpful. In a short time not only she has taught me how to paint and draw; she helped me to understand and grow my creative mind. This is something that has helped me a lot in my everyday life, school and work.

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